The biggest detriment cast in society on art [writing] and poetry is that it’s entertainment

when it’s actually air to breathe.

It helps us express who we are and stand in relationship to what matters.”

                                                                                                                                            Super Soul Sunday Star Mark Nepo

Pictured Cast of MeMe Kelly’s Our Voices/Believe Play, Barnsdall Gallery Theater, Hollywood

A Note from Meme

(Her video is last one below)

The biggest joy of creating is meeting wonderful artists who agree with the quote above.  We do what we do because we have to:).  Please enjoy videos of three actresses who are in Out of Bounds and who have worked with me in productions before. They are the sweetest women I know, always showing up with great attitudes and warm spirits, which means the world to me.  I’m so grateful for them.

I love you,  Vivienne Powell, Nina Gosiengfiao, and Shirley Cortez.  These Videos are from Our Voices play but they’re spirits shine through here so I wanted to share them

The fabulous Vivienne Powell is Professor’s Thorn’s Mom and she’s in MeMeSode #2.  Nina Gosiengfiao (Sophia Rivera, the student reporter) is in MeMeSode 2 and 3.  Shirley Cortez (Dr. Quiroz) is in MeMeSode 3. Go here to watch:

Enjoy watching these beautiful souls! Also, watch my video at the end, where I talk about LOVE!  These  MeMeSodes, MeMePods, MeMeBlogs and plays are done because God called me to love on others, to inspire others, with the written word!