Millie Capellan (Crystal Thorn)


Tim Hutchinson (Donald Thorn)


The Out-of-Bounds story is inspired by my own family.  So I wanted the husband and wife to convey a long-lasting love, tried by the test of time.  I wanted them to laugh easily together and stick together like glue when facing obstacles.  I also, though, wanted to show the tough roads that marriages must endure when there’s stress:  When the husband or wife is questioning their identity.  When children are acting up.  When there are challenges from the outside, perhaps flirtations from another woman or another man.  What happens then and how does the relationship endure?

In MeMesode #2, after the Thorns take a lovely walk to Starbucks for coffee, you’ll see that moment when everything changes, when something drastic happens.  When they’re thrown into the unknown in an instant. How couples react, act, and behave in the aftermath of those life-altering moments can make or break a marriage.

As I was writing, I let the characters and the story guide me, but I thought about my life and how I felt during those stressful times. Times when, suddenly, there was a call, an accident, a fall, and everything changed. The incident that stood out for me most is when a couple fighting in their car, sped through a red light in a busy intersection, hitting us and sending our SUV airborne! Two of my sons were in the back seat.  After our SUV bounced off a telephone pole, it landed upside down in a busy intersection.  We survived the ordeal, but there was fall-out, which I’ll write about at another time.  Part of the fall-out resulted from my new found confidence in that little small voice.  I had begged my husband to take another route home that evening and he just wouldn’t listen to me. I had asked to drive, but he jumped in the driver’s seat.  That night, upside down in a busy intersection,  I learned to trust my instinct.

As I was directing MeMesodes 2 and 3 (Come back next Tuesday for 3), I thought about the chaos of that moment and all the other moments that I’d experienced.  I then explained the feeling I sought to the actors before I choreographed the chaos.  It was a chaotic dance.  Wouldn’t it be nice if we could order our steps in real life:).

Check out the Thorns as they enter the gates of their home, and, suddenly, everything changes.   Tim Hutchinson and Millie Capellan, the actors above, are amazing in MeMesode #2, and I loved the performance of the student protestor Audra Bryant, who is also a phenomenal singer. Check out her new release at

And continue to enjoy the soothing sounds of Sharon Blu Rain,

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