Dear Special Ones,

I created this website because I love people, and I love to tell stories.  LOVE is the most powerful energy in the universe.  I’m a passionate writer, who writes quickly.  Because my brain creates constantly, I need a place where I can share stories without too much hassle.  Right now, I’m a small operation, and I don’t have the support that I want or need.

The MeMesodes aren’t of Spielberg quality, and the blog posts aren’t flawless, but one day soon…when you to come to, you’ll think that you’re reading a post by Arianna Huffington, my idol, and you’ll think Spieberg directed the dog gone MeMesode:)!  God willing. Grace over Grace.

Until that time, one thing is for sure:  My work is always offered from a space of love.  I promise to always give you the best that I have to offer, although it won’t be perfect.  I promise to always strive for excellence, although I may miss the mark sometimes.  I promise to always be open to criticism, correction, and exchanges that make me a better person or better writer, providing they aren’t mean-spirited exchanges.

My goal is to always entertain you with unforgettable stories, which I, fondly, call “Memesodes.”

The definition of a Memesode is an unforgettable, short story with amazing music that is part of a larger piece of work.

Unfortunately, this morning, before I had my daily dose of coffee, I received a comment, correcting the title of my blog post about my beloved, deceased Mom.  Because I spent the last two days missing her, which happens whenever I write about her, the way in which the comment was presented, irritated the heck out of me, and I sounded off about it.  I’m human!  Of course, I didn’t identify the person who irritated me because that would be mean, and I don’t have a mean bone in my body.  It’s all about LOVE for me.

Lately, though, I’ve been noticing how rudely Americans treat one another, and how we say rude things to each other, so I wrote.  And I will keep writing about rudeness.  Americans need to treat each other better.  Life is short.  I hope you enjoy the Huffpost blog post:

I love you.


MeMe Kelly




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