Digital Storytelling (MeMeSodes) by Meme Kelly, a MFA playwright, screenwriter, novelist, and essayist.  Her script Out of Bounds (OOB) inspired the first MeMeSodes and was selected as a top 10 script out of 175 scripts in UCLA Film School's Samuel Goldwyn contest. M.E.M.E will also offer exciting podcasts and blogs to go beyond the story, sometimes to take a look at the writing process. 

We look forward to entertaining and inspiring you with MeMeSodes, unforgettable stories with amazing music!  First with Out of Bounds(OOB) for 6 weeks, and then with many more.

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Out-of-Bounds (OOB) explores the nontraditional dynamics of a dysfunctional family as they survive culturally turbulent times. At the center of the chaos is Crystal Thorn, a bi-racial Professor of African American Literature, and her husband, Donald, a former NBA star. Both must choose between LOVE and the Movement, which seems out-of-bounds.
From identity crises to job stress, the nuances of this quirky family are examined in a rich story that could easily be a weekly cable series or indie feature film.

Note, In Out of Bounds, the term "Revolution" is synonymous with personal transformation that leads to purposeful action to make the world a better place.1 min trailer of Out-of-Bounds:
Meme Kelly
Meme Kelly
Meme Kelly
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